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Social Media Slam

Lately my life is so busy that watching TV is a luxury.  Every once in awhile between MLIT homework, sporting events, and teacher work, I squeeze in an episode or two of some of my favorite shows.  This past weekend I caught up with America’s Next Top Model (ANTM).  Last year the show’s ratings had taken a dip and CW told Tyra Banks she had to change things up.  Out went Mr. Jay and Miss Jay, along with hottie Nigel Barker.  In came a younger, hottie model judge with an accent, who my daughter swears is dating Tyra. (If so, good for her!)  The show also decided to change up the judging and scoring.  All three judges award points to the contestants each week.  However, this season, a fourth, social media fan score is added in.

I have now watched three episodes and do not care for the social media element.  While they reveal the social media scores, the show displays written comments that were posted as well as video clips fans have uploaded, sharing their opinions personally.  Are you wondering why I have an issue?  Isn’t the world getting more and more techie?  It’s what everyone is doing, right?  Well, having teenagers with phones and facebook accounts, we have had several conversations in our house about remembering the audience.

The fans of ANTM have forgotten the audience.  They feel that they have been given the right to say anything about these girls, no holds barred.  I was shocked by some of the crass, heartless comments made. There really is no recourse for these fans, so kindness and politeness have gone by the wayside.  It almost seems like it could be viewed as encouraged bullying.

I may not continue to watch this season.  This piece and the changes in the judges have changed the feel of the show.  Perhaps I will watch  a few more episodes before making a final decision, or perhaps I will visit the Facebook site for the show and post some kind words for the girls who the public has deemed less than worthy.