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The Tribe Has Spoken

I would like to thank Megan from MLIT for inspiring this post.  During our “10 Things to Know About” assignment in our new class, I shared with Megan the fact that I have never missed a season of Survivor.  She was quite surprised. There have been 20 seasons and my husband and I have not missed one!  We have also never missed a season of The Amazing Race.  If I ever get brave enough, The Amazing Race is the show I would most likely audition for.  I am waiting for my niece to turn 21.  My husband would love to audition, but he gets carsick, airsick, and has food allergies, so we are thinking this might not be the adventure for him. 🙂

I freely admit that I am a reality TV nut!  I love, love, love reality TV.  I am usually willing to give any reality show a go, but that does not mean that I will continue to watch it.  Some just don’t make the priority list in the little time I have to watch TV.  Others have a very high priority and, thanks to DVR’s, are faithfully viewed.

Here is a list of my favorites, plus a few that I gave a chance, but chose to pass on.

Must See’s:

  1. Survivor
  2. The Amazing Race
  3. Project Runway
  4. Hell’s Kitchen (Would love to eat here.)
  5. Chopped
  6. America’s Got Talent
  7. So You Think You Can Dance
  8. America’s Next Top Model
  9. Biggest Loser
  10. Worst Cooks In America (This show made me realize that anyone can cook!)
  11. Dance Moms (How she stays in business I do not know.)

I tried and passed on:

  1. Jersey Shore
  2. Big Brother
  3. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo (My daughter made me try it.)
  4. Toddlers and Tiaras
  5. Beverly Hills Nannies
  6. The Great Escape

Let me know if there are any reality TV shows that I need to give a try.  And I will keep you posted on the upcoming season of Survivor.  It starts in September.  The Tribe has spoken!


A Bomb, Lots of Boxes, and a Bat

I feel like I have not blogged forever and I have utmost respect for those out there who post everyday.  Right now I am just trying to keep up with life.
Before I do my review (yes, there is one coming), I need to update all my MLIT friends and my family on the happy chaos that has occurred recently.

First, my oldest son was released by the doctor (from the stress fracture in his spine) to participate in his high school soccer tryouts.  These were last Wednesday thru Friday.  His dad and I were nervous wrecks as he is a goalkeeper and knew this would be a true test of the healing process.  His muscles are feeling the lack of exercise all summer, but he almost made me cry when he said, “Mom, it feels so good to be back in the net!”  We think he wasn’t counting on being able to play due to his back, and was relieved when his back and body held up.
Second, my daughter had her first-ever high school tryouts for volleyball. The girls were told up front that there would be cuts.  She was so nervous, but she made the freshman team and is a happy camper.

Next to the big news.  Last Thursday I found out that my position for this school year will be changing.  I will be in ONE classroom teaching kindergarten in the morning and KED in the afternoon.  I am so excited and extremely (but happily) stressed.  This is what my room looked like after I took all my belongings out of my reading room and added them to my already full KED room.  It looked like a bomb had gone off and there were boxes everywhere.

I have spent this entire weekend trying to sort  store the items for two classrooms into one.  It has been a little crazy, but my dear mom came into help me both days.  My youngest son took down all the bulletin boards for me in my reading room – he even removed all the staples.  I still have a lot of work to do and homework for Monday the 20th (my reluctant reader homework), but I am so happy to be back in Kindergarten full-time.  My co-worker and I are looking forward to planning together!

Finally to the review, my husband and I have now been happily married for 20 years.  A week ago we went to dinner to celebrate at Wildfire (so yummy) and then to a movie.  We decided to go see …

I love all the Batman movie series, but have not made up my mind about who is the best Batman and which series I like the best.  My husband and I were a little daunted by the running time of this movie (2 hours, 45 minutes), but with our bellies full and our evening out still young, we settled in.  This movie was entertaining and action packed; however, I must say that I found it quite violent – in almost a sadistic way.  The villain, Bane, seemed to find great pleasure in breaking necks, choking people to death, and beating the snot out of Batman.  This movie is darker than the first two in this series, and I am wondering how close it came to receiving an R rating.  Christian Bale was great again, but I almost laugh each time he talks as Batman – his fake, deep voice is comical.  My favorite character is Alfred, played by Michael Caine.  He creates such an emotional connection with his role in the movie.

With my happy chaos, I am not sure when my husband and I will be able to arrange another date night, but there are some good movies coming out.  I would love to go see…