A Little History

Since I can remember I have been a HUGE fan of TV and movies.  As a child I could recite the week’s evening line-up (times included) for all the major networks.  Lucky for me, there were really only 3 major channels back then.  I was obsessed with Star Wars and planned on marrying Mark Hamill.  If he wasn’t available I was going to marry Pierce Brosnan because Remington Steele was the best show ever!  I know you are laughing.  It’s okay, I am too.

As I moved into adulthood, movies remained an important part of my life.  While we were dating, my husband and I enjoyed seeing movies together on campus at Bradley University.  It was at Bradley that, for the first time, I walked out of a movie.  Not because it was poorly made, but because I was so disturbed mentally and emotionally.  The movie was Flatliners with Kiefer Sutherland and Julia Roberts.  If I told you why I was so disturbed, I would spoil the movie, but if you are a person that likes to be creeped out – this is a movie for you.

Movies and TV have now become family events.  I have three children.  Nolan is 16, Hannah is 14, and Kyle is 12.  Their personalities are very unique and their tastes in movies and TV has become just as diversified.  Nolan is my action or comedy kid. Hannah loves anything with Channing Tatum and then leans toward dance movies or chic flicks. Kyle has eclectic tastes and is usually willing to see almost anything.


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